What? Where? When?

Little story about me and my creative fulfillment

My name is Mikhail, and I stock up on impressions, trying to preserve them in my photos. I am a full-time stock photographer with a IT background which I use to optimize my work.

TRAVELARIUM is my reflexive self-awareness of the endless desire for a change of scenery (dromomania), adventures, and new sensations. Sometimes, I suppress this feeling due to life circumstances, but it remains my essence even during difficult periods.

My shots are tactile attempts to feel time and learn as much as possible about the events, places, and beings around me. I have had many professions, through which I developed my awareness and imagination. My true passion is to capture all-consuming time with a camera and examine this fleeting life in detail, so I fully devote myself to this pursuit, and I hope you will share the sensation with me.

Photoshop & Capture One
Photography enthusiasm

Biography Timeline


June, 1988

Born and raised


After finishing school, photography becomes my hobby, and with each passing year, I dedicate more time to it


I obtained a bachelor’s degree in IT and a master’s degree in Economics.
I then began working as a system administrator while continuing my photography experiments, which have become more deliberate


Starting to combine my main IT job with stock photography


The «Digital Frontier» has been crossed.
I’m quitting the IT industry and transitioning to full-time stock photography


Artificial Intelligence technologies have advanced significantly worldwide, and I’m starting to study generative illustration, creating previously unimaginable narratives

…present time

I still work as a stock photographer & AI illustrator and sincerely adore this job!